Our dc pro on the stage at CILA & CIGS Champ

Jan 16, 2017

Attending Sigep in Rimini is always a matter of pride for us. Our espresso machine dc pro is sponsor of the Italian Latte Art Championships (CILA) and Coffee In Good Spirits (CIGS) since 2013.

Five years of great satisfaction, creativity and fantastic people met during the competitions. The quality of our products is fundamental as strengthen relationships with barista community, geek and coffee lovers. We like the fact that people appreciate our machines and our technology. For these reasons, we involve the dc pro, our ultimate design item and baristas’ ultimate desire.

The Italian Latte Art Championship (CILA) is the competition that will allow to access to WLAC, the World Latte Art Championship. After the first “free” race called Art-Bar, baristas, during the semifinals, have six minutes to prepare four artistic drinks – coffee and milk based, in etching or free pouring technique. The first six competitors of the rankings will access to finals: in this last race, in eight minutes will also prepare two free pour macchiatos.

The Italian Coffee In Good Spirits Championship (CIGS) is valid for the world competition WCIGS, World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship. In 10 minutes, competitors have to prepare two Irish Coffees and two signature drinks, alcohol and coffee based.

To the winners of both competitions will be given a Mina, our one-group professional machine, together with a special training held by our Coffee Pros at Spazio Candiani, to discover all its features and its innovative technology for the flow regulation.

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Our dc pro on the stage at CILA & CIGS Champ