Expocook Palermo

Feb 26, 2020

From the coffee bean to the roaster, from the espresso machine to pour over coffee and the entire coffee shop concept, whoever has to do with the coffee world must deal with a market that is constantly growing and evolving.

We’re at the fourth edition of Expocook Palermo, where taste in all possible declinations is the undisputed ruler, with coffee machine XT, home-machine Studio and the DC One grinder. Together with Histo Caffè we’ll see how Dalla Corte’s commercial espresso machines have evolved alongside the needs of an always increasing number of users, up to the technology potential for our machines in the near future. An incredible evolution, which in just a few years has changed our habits and is destined to change even more.

Join us for these four amazing days, from the 25th to the 28th of February at the Fiera del Mediterraneo in Palermo, an event marked by enogastronomic excellence and the latest professional equipment!

Expocook Palermo