Dalla Corte, a small gesture for Cameroon

Mar 13, 2019

This year we have chosen to support a new charitable project, this time linked to the importance of water. In many African regions, the lack of wells makes it impossible to bring clean and drinkable water to local populations. In Cameroon the situation has reached a disastrous situation: something must be done.

Agape Onlus is an association focused on enhancing the importance of global culture to fight poverty and exploitation. This is why, at the end of February, a group of volunteers went to Cameroon to build water wells and teach the local population the skills they needed to survive in these difficult environments.

We support this project and we are happy to announce that the first Dalla Corte well was built and that from now on the people of Djalingo ' will be able to benefit from clean and fresh water, something that we often take for granted.

A small gesture with great impact. Make it Better always.

Dalla Corte, a small gesture for Cameroon