Black Label Espresso

Mar 02, 2020

Black Label Espresso has been a standout since day one. This coffee shop is a thriving little café in Maitland, Australia, serving specialty coffee and lovely treats to go with it. Black Label has all the charm of your favorite neighborhood café, with a quality that knows no equal: in fact, not just locals come here for the best macchiato in Newcastle’s area.

Owner and head barista Mathew Collett knows his customers by name (as well as their orders). The freshly ground coffee is made with expertise and it’s delivered by a custom Dalla Corte DC Pro. Baristas are spot on and the coffee is consistently great. The service they provide is precise and tailor made.

Black Label offers two House blends and change up a Single Origin weekly. Both blends are a medium to dark roast that offer a rounder body, a combination of Brazilian, Tanzanian, New Guinean and Ugandan beans roasted longer to produce those nutty, caramelly flavors that most customers prefer.

Visit Black Label Espresso and order a coffee expertly made with DC Pro, or refuel with an “old-school toastie”. The ice lattes are so refreshing on a hot day, come and try for yourself!

Black Label Espresso