Cole Torode

Tell us something about you.
I'm based in Calgary, Canada and think it's a city you have to add to your near future travel plans. I love being outdoors, cycling, basketball, coffee (duh) and love sitting with friends or colleagues and having brainstorming sessions. Nothing gets me more excited than seeing a great idea through. I have a very entrepreneurial spirit, with two coffee companies that I'm working on, Rosso Coffee Roasters and Forward Specialty Green Coffee Importers.

What about your hobbies?
I love traveling and getting to submerge myself in cultures foreign to me. It excites me to learn new languages, try new cuisines and connect with others. We're such a global community and it's amazing that something as simple as coffee can transcend culture and connect people.

A day without coffee...?
Is honestly not the worst thing. I enjoy coffee, I drink it every day, but I don't drink it for the caffeine. I drink coffee for the ritual, for the routine and for the enjoyment of flavour. If my only option is cheap gas station coffee, I'd pass. Coffee isn't a drug to me. It's a happy place. It's a privilege. I don't need it, but days with it are better than days without.

You’re good at...?
I'm good at making coffee, but that's maybe obvious... I think I'm pretty good at basketball. I'm working on my dunking skills. Trying to get a little bit taller to help this too...

What’s your favourite coffee spot?
I've been to many coffee shops that I truly enjoy around the world. There are so many unique and interesting concepts that exist. My favourite place to drink coffee might just be at my house. It's comfortable, there's no distractions, I can be mindful of the coffee I drink and it's on my time.